Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Banning the word "sure"

In my house we don't use the word whatever. It's rude, dismissive, and shows complete indifference towards the person and the matter being discussed. It is basically the nicest way to tell someone to f*ck off without that foulness of using the F-word. For the obvious reasons, I don't let my kids use whatever  when speaking. (They can't use the F-word either, in case you were wondering.)

I have smart kids though.

In the game of words they have found the perfect pinch hitter that subs in quite nicely for whatever. 


Now you might be thinking its a stretch. But the manner in which my 10 year and 16 year employ sure make it a half-sister to whatever.

For example:
(Notice that whatever could be interchanged in these examples.)
 Mom: "Do you want meat loaf for dinner?"
 Bear:  "Sure."
 Mom: "Would you rather have chicken?"
 Bear:  "Sure."
 Mom: "What about shit-kabobs?"
 Bear: "Sure. Wait, what?"
 Mom: "That's what I thought."

 Mom: "Princess, you have laundry to get done. Are you going to do it?"
 Princess: "Sure, Mom."
 Mom" "Gonna clean your room and your bathroom, too?
 Princess: "Sure, Mom."

Seems like I am nit picking? Maybe a little bit. However, when every time I want to get their opinion on something I have to think about the question and phrase it properly so that there is no way to elicit a sure response, word-smithing can be exhausting.

The word doesn't get to me as much as the dismissive attitude behind it.

But that's just kids being kids, right?

Don't say sure. 

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