Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey It's NOT always Ok, Sometimes It's Ugh

Hey Hey everyone! So my fellow blogger Amber does a Tuesday piece called "Hey It's Ok." She got the idea from Glamour magazine and it lists things to be okay about. I occasionally join in, but I am always a day late and a dollar short. So here is my latest installment of "Hey It's Ok" on Wednesday.

I need to preface this Ok piece with the fact that I have been under an incredible amount of stress lately. So this might seem ugly or harsh or maybe even angry.... be warned! 


It's Ok...

... to get so frustrated and angry with my 13 year old son that I call him a "dick" or an "asshole." Probably not the best parenting, but it sure does beat spanking him. 

.... to have purchased so much new furniture for the house that I am afraid that when they deliver it, I won't have enough room. 

... to be so pissed at the realtors for not being considerate enough to call me to cancel an appointment this afternoon. 

.... to be grateful my husband had the presence of mind to call and confirm the realtor walk-through appointment this afternoon. Yea, that's how we found out they wouldn't have the house ready for the final walk-through. 

Photo by the OwnerBuilder Network
.... to be REALLY excited about our new house despite how long it seems to be taking to close on this damn thing! 

.... to be REALLY REALLY excited about planning my outdoor projects: flower beds, mulching, butterfly bushes, upright garden and that's just my spring projects! 

.... to have my Pinterest rehab project in mind: rehabbing an old window frame. Can't wait!

.... to be ready to have my own things around me. It's weird how material objects help you feel more connected to yourself and make you feel "at home".

.... to be ready to start running again. I have found at least 1 race a month that I plan on joining. I need the motivation. My first one: The Big Nasty Mud Run on April 5th!

.... to NOT be impressed at all with hubby's newest show "addiction"- Storage Wars. Ugh that show is  just unit after unit of shit left behind by Californians. 

.... to be BE impressed with this year's American Idol. Sadly, it's the only one I have ever watched passed the auditions. Hah!

.... to be bored with The Walking Dead. I totally get character development, and I honestly have been very impressed with the writing and acting. However, I'm waiting for the group to reconvene and I'm getting impatient. Actually I'm friggin' worried that it will be the season finale and then they will regroup and I'll have to wait until next season. Shit!

.... to be angry that every damn PCS has its challenges and I'm ready for this move to over with, pronto. Oddly enough, as a military spouse you would think I was more open to change- well guess what, change sucks! 

.... to be ready for the weekend.... since Monday.  

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