Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank You Very Much

Kmama over at The Daily Dribbles has a section titled Thank You Very Much where she sarcastically thanks the things that have pissed her off. Since I am having a craptabulous week (yea, I know its only Tuesday) I thought I would share in her thanksgiving spirit. So here it goes...

To the Proctologist Drivers (you know who you are) I appreciate the fact that your schedule is always more important than everyone else's, but riding my ass down a two lane highway isn't going to encourage me to go faster. I will go as fast or as slow as I want regardless of your proximity to my rear, Thank You Very Much!

To my wonderful, loving body. We have been working hard at exercising, eating great healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and making sure to get at least 6 hrs of sleep a night. How do you repay me? You pick up one of the worst head & chest colds ever. Thank You Very Much!

To the Internal Revenue Service and the ghosts of Congresses past, a hearty Thank You Very Much for making the tax code so g-damned difficult it requires a PhD (Piled higher and Deeper) to file your taxes. I have received a piece of tax information in the mail everyday since January 25 and I am afraid I am still not done. And you wonder why people wait until the very last minute to file? It takes MONTHS to get all the damned paperwork! The tax code is so difficult in order to keep more assholes in a job! Thanks again!

To Intellectual Property and Broadcasting laws/lawyers all around the globe, Thank You Very Much! I truly get and understand the ideals and principals behind intellectual property, and I support it. However, as an American living abroad, I am missing out on shows, news and other media information simply because I don't have a stateside IP. I wasn't feeling isolated enough, now throw in some copyright laws, and GEMA (whoever the hell that is), and I can't see a damned thing online. Watched the SuperBowl online through NBC, but they cut out the commercials and half-time show. Really? A double thanks for that!

I am sure there is plenty more to be grateful about, but its only Tuesday. I should save some venom for the rest of the week! ;)

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  1. Ahh, thank you so much for playing along! I loved your TYVM's. I laughed out loud at Proctologist Drivers. So funny!!