Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey it's Ok Tuesday.... a day late.

Hello everyone! Hooking up with Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time to join in her Tuesday feature: Hey It's Ok.

Hey it's Ok

*  To be nervous, worried and anxious about our next PCS move, especially since we don't have order but we do have a DEROS date of 16 Jan 2014. 

*  To be worried about being stationed so close to family (same town)- new concept alert!

*  To be pissed that my American dollar sucks ass against the Euro. 

*  To be sad and disappointed that my family's Christmas vacay (in lieu of presents) to Ireland is cancelled because apparently $3K is STILL NOT enough saved because of #3. 

*  To be concerned about finding gainful employment as a teacher again...ever again.

*  To be excited about my BFF and Ma coming for TurkeyDay and Christmas, respectively. 

*  To be thankful my daughter didn't get hurt in her recent car accident. 

* To be pissed that said accident might have totaled the car.

* To be writing again, on my blog, on my schedule. *smile*

What's OK in your world?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Girls Gone Wild.... for pottery??

My European life has been a whirlwind of tastes, sounds, sights, and even smells, often times associated with a trip to this or that village, town, city or country. Our latest rendezvous landed us in Poland on a girls trip. 

I know you are probably wondering what could we possibly want with Poland, and a girls trip no less. It doesn't conjure up the warmth of beaches like Barcelona, nor does it scream fancy footloose like Amsterdam. Uh yea... so what exactly did we expect to find in Poland? 

Beautiful, hand-crafted, spectacular and inexpensive Polish Pottery. And boy did we ever find it! Yahtzee!

Four grown women going wild over baking dishes. Kinda silly, a little bit sad, and a whole shit ton of fun! Make no mistake- we made purchasing pottery look like a science. Mad science!

All smiles at the start of shopping day!
We used another military spouses blog review of some of the stores as our point of reference, and while it was incredibly helpful to have the addresses and descriptions at our disposal, we had a different experience. So here is my take on our little Polish adventure.