Just Me

Who am I? I am a crazy mess most days and complicate bundle of needs, wants, hopes and dreams.I am just an ordinary mom/wife/friend.

  • I am a very average thirtysomething year old. 
  • I am the mother of two awesome kids: a teenage girl who I will refer to as "The Princess" or  "La Princesa", and a tween boy who we fondly call "Bear". It's not like a cutesy name it was because he was such a Bear of a baby/toddler.
  • I am married to a wonderful man who also happens to be my best friend, and we have been together long enough to know that no one else will do. 
  • I am a military wife, and he has put in more than twenty years of service to this great nation. 
  • I am an educator, but most days it feels like parenting someone else's kids. 
  • I have lived in many states and overseas. I have traveled extensively, and LOVE it! 
  • I struggle with my weight, and every year have the same New Year's resolution to do something about it. That New Year's resolution is 15 years strong! Yah!
  • I have decided that I am going to get fit, not as a New Year's resolution, but instead as a promise to myself. It's a work in progress, slow progress. 
  • I love taking pictures, and would love to learn more about the art of photography. 
  • I am a work in progress and constantly trying to better myself. Maybe that is what this blog is really about.....


  1. Hey,

    I just want to drop by and let you know I nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”

    1. I just saw this! Thanks. How awful that I didn't notice before now. Thanks again so much. :)