Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rearing Ugliness

Rough afternoon with Bear yesterday. He accused me of never having such an intense interest in his "school stuff" before this year. He told me that my "nose was always in his business".  He implied it was because I'm not working.  He also told me that he only goes to Scouts because I will make him feel guilty if he doesn't. Really? WTF??? I wish I could say that I am angry, but I am more heart broken than anything. I pride myself in being a good mommy! Maybe not 100% of the time, but 95% is still an A. And after all that I been through with Bear and all that we have worked to achieve it was a slap in the face. Yea so let's see....

1. You were no walk in the park Bear! Your success now is largely dependent on all the hard work we put in those first 8 years. Yea and I was present for those as well!

2. My nose wouldn't have to be in Bear's business if he wasn't constantly misplacing homework. He did a book report on Monday that wasn't due until Wednesday. GREAT JOB! He was supposed to turn it in on Tuesday. Monday night the book report goes into the backpack. Tuesday afternoon- it's been stolen. REALLY? Who want to steal a book report Bear??? Those people that don't like him! OMG! More drama than on TNT!  So now we are back to re-doing the book report. Lovely. As if it wasn't agony the first time he worked on it. Let's go for round 2 of that heavyweight fight.

3. Scouts is for me? Since when? I mean don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he is in Scouts but I get nothing out of it other than pride at seeing him accomplish something. That and he looks adorable in his uniform and the outings here in Europe are pretty badass. We went to Bastogne for crying out loud!. I just want him to have something that he can be proud of and carry it with him. Needless to say that he has been in Scouts since 1st grade. Seriously, he could have abandoned it when we got here to Germany but instead we found a Pack and got quite a bit accomplished. He will be receiving his Arrow of Light which is the highest achievement you can receive in Cub Scouts. But somehow that is inspired by guilt....sheeesshhhh DRAAAMMMAA KING!

4. He should be grateful that I am actively involved. Many parents don't give two craps about their kids. I know... I taught many a child who's parents were absent, AT BEST.  My parents never toted me around to Scouts, swim lessons, movies, and whatever else I wanted to do. My parents did NOT give me a gaming system, hell I didn't have my own radio until I was 15. Ugghh... to be so lucky as to have parents who want to be parents!

5. He complained in 3rd and 4th grade because I had to work and couldn't be like the other moms (SAHMs) who go on field trips and bake cupcakes. Guess what buddy? I am that mom now and you don't want her now! Make up your mind.

So how did I resolve the issue? I do what I always angry, cried, and told him that I couldn't care more about school then he did. That I couldn't care about scouts more than he did. That if he didn't want it so be it. He responded with "you said I couldn't still live here and drop out of school". WTF? Oh yea...he wants to drop out of school. He hates it that much. He has begged me to home school him. But he doesn't know that I would fail us both in math! :(

So today I resolved to make him finish what he started. No easy way out for you Buster Bear! You are finishing Cub Scouts and you'll get it completed, if it kills me. And it just might...

How does one raise a wanna be Drama King Drop Out Boy?


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