Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trying to be a Triathlete Ain't Easy

So I attempted to post about my triathlon training and something happened to my post. Going to try to get it together went something like this:

So there I was exercising this week, four days to be exact, and I was so sore that I could barely stand let alone get up and down the stairs. We did yoga, circuit training, more yoga, swimming and more swimming. At the end I had a productive week of feeling fulfilled, and sore in places I had forgotten I had muscles. Amazing! What is all this training for you ask? Well many of you may have seen the movie Bucket List or know what a bucket list is about. I have been wanting (for about 4 years now) to try a triathlon or a half-marathon. I know, I know sounds crazy. I don't care about the time or if I puke my way across the finish line, I just want to say "I've done that". So through my husband's work I've made a friend and we decided to train for a triathlon this spring/summer. EXCITING! Perfect excuse to get fit and start to feel more energized. At the moment I am feeling pooped, but I am sure that will get better. (Please God it has to get better!) We are off to a great start. We might've even got a bit overzealous by joining a local Biggest loser competition. Only time will tell if we bit off more than a mouthful. We do our official BL weigh-in on Wednesday. While scary and potentially embarrassing, I plan on posting my numbers right here. Maybe I can shame myself fit if all else fails.

I didn't realize just how challenging the entire triathlon training would be, but I gotta say I am not only excited to be doing it I'm excited to tell people. The thing that excites me the most though, is showing my children that you are never too old to chase a dream and you are capable of accomplishing anything. So I won't be called by the Olympic team to represent the U.S. and I won't be giving any Kenyans a run for their money. However, this mom is teaching her kids a lesson far greater than winning and that is perseverance. Hey wait...I think that is part of resolution too...yea I'm trying to stick with that as well.

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