Thursday, January 12, 2012

Biggest Loser Challenge

Yup so in addition to this workout getting fit plan, I have joined two of my friends in the Biggest Loser Challenge they are sponsoring at the Air Force Fitness Center here on Ramstein AB. So yesterday was our scheduled weigh-in/measurement taking. As my husband always says "the numbers don't lie." Well the story they were telling yesterday was a story of too much indulging and too little exercise. The story isn't what I'm worried about, its the perspective of the story. Let me explain.

So when we arrive to get measured there are two women doing the weigh-in and measurements. Both pleasant and seemingly knowledgeable....great! So as we go through the process, I get on the scale. Luck would have it that it didn't break and my weight was right where I expected it to the mid 180s heavy. Then she hands me this thing-y that looks like a PS3 controller. She tells me to grip it and it will tell her my BMI. Wait a minute? You mean to tell me a controller is going to tell you how much fat is in my body. I've played PS3 before and it has never told me I'm fat. But ok... I grip it and hold for a about a minute and then she plucks it from my hands and scribbles down the numbers. Do you think she tells me what they are? Or explains anything...nope. I saw something in upper 20s. I'll assume that when dealing with weight and health high numbers- bad, low numbers- good.

Now comes the fun part: tape measurements. That's what I want! I large pink tape measure wrapped around my mid-section. Did I mention it has numbers on it? She measures my neck. Sweet. Never tells me my measurements. I forget to look. She measures my waist. I lean over to see what she writes. it was in the 30s. Again....doesn't seem like a good number, but at least it was lower than my age which is 37. Then my hips. This is where I have major issues. She doesn't measure at my hip bone. She measures around my a$$! Really??? Do you think I have a shot of winning ANYTHING now? That of course was in the 40s. UGH!

As if the numbers aren't bad enough, they proceed to take pictures of your fat self. "So you can see the progress." Thanks for nothing. First shot is head on while you hold out a number. The next is a profile/mug shot with this number held out to the side. I am convict 382. That's my contestant number. Uggh...fat pictures. Don't I have enough of those already?

So what do we next? Do we get on the treadmills? Do we try twenty minutes on the elliptical? How about a cardio class? Nah! We leave the gym and shoot the breeze outside the gym. Where one of those measuring ladies walks out and smiles and waves at us. Twenty minutes later she returns to find us still talking outside the gym and says to us quite pompously: "you could have walked 4 laps in the time you stood here gabbing, ladies." As if I didn't know I needed to exercise, now the Weights and Measures Police is going to shame me into exercising. I felt like I had gotten caught smoking in the girls restroom by my teacher. The nerve of some people! We did exercise later that afternoon. Not because she shamed us, but because we had it planned all along.

Either way....its week two of this new me and while she is tired and pooped more often, she is also learning to do more for herself and enjoying the workouts. Today I have to sub so I am missing yoga with my girls, but tomorrow is a new day. And I will get some exercise in.... if it kills me. Between the crappy numbers/measuring and shameful instructors, it just might.

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