Monday, January 2, 2012

To Resolve or Not to Resolve? That is the question...

Happy New Year! Its that time again. Bring on the New Year's resolutions, and the guilt at not following through. I have been deciding whether or not make a resolution, which I know could be short lived. Several bloggers have suggested coming up a mantra or a key word to guide my decisions throughout the new year. Problem is I am not sure what that word should be. Another blogger suggested to make Resolves Not To.... which is a great idea. But for someone like myself, it seems like there is no goal at the end of a statement that starts with "I resolve not to". So now here is my dilemma: do I make a resolution and try to stick to it? Or do I find a word or mantra sentence that I can use as a guide? Either way I want to make sure that I accomplish a few things this year, and so maybe the best way to go about that is to list the things I want to accomplish this and start ticking them off once I do. I love lists and I am the queen of lists (just ask my kids or husband). So perhaps a list is better suited for my brain. At this point I'm not sure, but once I do you will be the second to know.

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