Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cardio Blast

Yup that is the name of the two hour session I did today! It was great! We did cardio-kickboxing and then we started on the cardio-core workout. However that instructor was a bit less organized than our kickboxing instructor, and so we ditched the class and went to the track. We ran/walked a little over 1 mile. I can feel it in my legs now as I sit here and type away. I am going to be sore as hell tomorrow. Actually I might be sore as hell tonight! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

My only problem is that I can't see any results. I mean my jeans are fitting better and my muffin top is slowing un-puffing itself. I look more like a mini-muffin than one of the full sized ones, but still it's really hard to tell.  I couldn't tell ya' if the weight is coming off because I am afraid of the scale.

See it lies to me. If I move it to one room, it reads one thing. Move it to another room. Totally different weight. And I am not talking about ounces here. I am talking a full 5-8 pounds difference. Now for someone who is training, ok trying to train, for a triathlon and in a local Biggest Loser Competition (BLC), I don't need that type of fluctuating scale. I need accuracy. I need positive reassurance, not taunting numbers. So I just stay the hell away from it!

Last night though I got a bit of reassurance from a friend I hadn't seen in two weeks. She is our third member of our BLC team. She said she could see it in my waist area and in my face that I was losing weight. She said my face didn't look as round. Shit... I didn't realize I had a moon pie face to begin with. Apparently my cheeks round out when I am a bit on the chubby side. The point: someone noticed all my efforts.

That is a reward all by itself. I won't lie. I need the reassurance. I can't see the difference. I CAN feel the difference. My wobbly bits are a bit less wobbly. My endurance is better. I can get through more of the cardio-kickboxing without a break. But I need/want to SEE the results. I want to start to look like my kickboxing instructor...ok that might be a far stretch but I want to look better not just feel better.

Maybe I need to take a before picture and then I can compare it to an after picture. That might really help to "show" me the changes that are taking place. I have the numbers they gave me when they did my initial weigh in, but I am not crazy about those numbers. So I am kinda ignoring them.  The running further and lasting longer is helping but I need more motivation. I need to experience greater results. I think I am going to set up a workout/training schedule. That might get me where I need to go... trained for this triathlon.

How do you notice changes in weight loss in your body? What helps to motivate you when you are trying to achieve a goal? Any training tips or workouts you would like to share would be great.

There are two of us training for the triathlon sprint this summer, and we are also going to cram in a half-marathon. I think. I might be overambitious with that one.

Any help or info welcomed!


  1. Hey Girl! Harvey shared your blog with me...I love this--but I can tell you that you won't see a huge difference for about 3-4 months and then for others not to notice for 6 months. You have to keep pushing yourself and do lots of different things..FOOD is a huge part of it. Just replacing little things will help the process that much more. Have you ever thought about fitness pole dancing?? Go check one out..I started last year and let me tell you --I LOVE IT. Not only is it a total cradio workout, but core workout and kill two birds with one stone, you actually start to feel sexy. I didn't like to look at myself in the mirror, but with pole you have to--to make sure you are moving the right way--and now as I do my hair in the morning I shake my booty (with music on of course!) I feel alive and beautiful again! Just remember losing weight and seeing it right away is not going to happen, just know it is happening!

  2. Jen! I love it that you are doing fitness pole dancing! I bet you are amazing at it. I am not sure where I could even find a class like that here in Germany. I am working hard and continuing to to do what I have to do. I have completely modified my diet, and I did when we got here to Germany. There is A LOT of fresh produce and I have tried to cut out processed foods. I am eating whole grain or whole wheat, and I really counting calories as well as carbs, protein and fat intake. I have increased my water and veggie intake as well. So I guessing that at some point my body is going to get with the program and catch up! :) Hope you are well. Maybe we will see you guys here in Germany one day. Catch an AF hop here, our home is always your home. :)