Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Okay in Deutschland

Today I am linking up with the WhisperingWriter at Airing My Dirt Laundry, One Sock at a Time for "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday (or any day)." It's a hilarious blog and great fun to read! So today I am going to join her in listing the things that I am Okay with being Okay with. Okay?

Hey It's okay...

    ...that my house isn't 100% spotless. No one notices but me anyways.

    ...that I bought 4 different laundry detergents to get my laundry to smell like my friend Jill's laundry. See my son stayed over at her house for 4 days and loved the way his laundry smelled. So he asked me to get his laundry to smell "like Ms. Jill's does". Thanks Jill!

    ...that I miss my husband like crazy! I even miss him constantly groping and grabbing me, because that would mean that he was actually here.

   ....that I miss my DirecTv and DVR. I haven't watched real TV since we got here in July, and I miss American TV dammit!

   ...that I worked out for 140 minutes tonight only to top it off with a Popeye's biscuit. Seriously, who puts a Popeye's across the street from the gym? Only the Air Force.

   ...that I have grey hairs that my children think is hilarious to pluck out, and I let them. Vanity much?

   ...that I talked to my parents more now as a result of distance and Voxer than I ever did when we lived stateside. Feeling like a crappy daughter these days.

   ...that I miss my friends, my old job and my old house. I feel like a stranger in a strange land except I have my family and things with me. Wait doesn't that make it home now?

   ...that I was invited to attend a birthday party at the pub that I work at. The kicker is that I am working that night, so isn't attendance mandatory? Should I even RSVP?

   ...that I have to be in the top three for Bejeweled Blitz every week, and I work to make sure that I am.

And it's just the first week. ;)




  1. Really I hate when they put food right by the gym, it's like hey so happy to see your working out and getting healthy you want something unhealthy to undo all your hard work?

  2. I finally had to give in and highlight my grey away.

  3. My house will never be spotless. And I'm okay with that. :)