Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A BCS Move (blog change of station)

Not really life altering, but blog altering. So there I was thinking of ways to improve my blog and make it more user friendly for my readers and me. I thought I would sort my blogs by topics. GREAT IDEA! *crowd cheers* Guess what though? Blogspot/Blogger doesn't have the capacity to do that. You can create pages...and I did. But then I realized that they are static. Meaning I can have one entry on it, not multiple entries like you can on the home page. Lovely!

Now my options are to continue as is, after I invested all the time and effort in making my blog feel right. OR I can uproot my blog and move it to another hosting site. Which means re-doing the entire blog and it not looking the same. Not feeling the same.... basically PCS-ing my blog for you military folks. You know how long it takes to settle in after a PCS (Permanent Change of Station). will take me that long to settle in after a BCS (blog change of station).

Uggh... its frustrating, and I am at a loss. Of course the more I post on here, the more I am going to want to just leave it here. Figures.

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