Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweating like an oldie

Soooo.... this weekend was kinda a bust. I didn't work out like I was supposed to, but I did do some productive activities. Harv and I had a very long and extensive heart-2-heart. While just as exhausting as exercise, it did nothing for my weight loss and 5K training. ;) So things are moving in a better direction with us and that IS a positive thing. Despite my lack of exercise, I did maintain the same weight and I am getting closer to the next lowest 'decade' of poundage. I am sitting at 181.4 and that is almost ten pounds lost, so HOORAY for me!
Today was a good day! It was Monday and what started out to be a TERRIBLE morning, ended in a peaceful afternoon. So why a terrible morning you ask? Well despite Matt being almost 9, and the morning routine changing VERY little, he still has trouble in the morning. Trouble waking up, trouble getting dressed, trouble finding his crap and trouble with just the overall routine of the morning. So today I took an outline of a list Kelsey created and added a few things of my own... and well now he has a DAILY ROUTINE LIST. I printed it off and stuck it in a sleeve protector, brought home a Vis-A-Vis marker, and VOILA! We now have a way for someone, something other than Mom to push him and motivate him in the morning. There is a REWARD at the end of the week for a job well done. He was receptive and we got him doing his evening duties and he was off to bed relatively early. I will let you know how it goes in the morning.
Fast forward through my day..... It was productive- my new intern started today, I taught all the items I wanted to cover today in class, and I ate according to plan despite my "aunt" making her visit and causing the chocolate cravings.
Then Dee and I decided to walk...power walk throughout the school building. It was great and we were getting a awesome workout..... ok ok.... great and awesome are relative...but it was going well nonetheless. I was even pushing through the shin splints in my left leg and I could feel the stress of the day exiting via sweat from my brain and body. Yes it was quite a sight...and quite a bit of sweat, but when you are my age sweating to the oldies becomes the theme song of your workout. Then came this awful pain in my leg and I thought I would be unable to continue, but we decided to step outside the building and walk outside. The cool air, the asphalt instead of the hard concrete building floors and I was good as new. I am so proud of what we are accomplishing and pushing through. It makes me feel like there is nothing I can't accomplish. I have faith that by February 27th we will be ready to time our first 5k practice race.

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