Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days

Tuesday.... what to say about Tuesday? The second Monday of the week... yea that's a good descriptor for Tuesday. Today was uneventful.... largely because we were awaiting the arrival of snow. Not because we want another snow day...I can speak for quite a few teachers, and a two hour delay would nice. :) That soothes the need to sleep in, and it makes the day shorter which is always great!
So this is my exercise, gonna get in shape for a 5k race kinda blog spot... so how's that going? Well we ran/walked two miles today, and we did quite a bit of on the track in the freezing cold with the snow starting to fall. I gotta say we are certainly dedicated and we are persevering and that feels phenomenal! Eating habits are good.... can't say the scale has claimed to have lost anything, but I have seen that my clothes are fitting better and I have better muscle tone. So overall the exercise is helping.
I am hoping that after such a long day and NOT having grad class, I would like a two hour delay tomorrow. How about it snow gods???

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