Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Safe Harbor

Off day- that is what Wednesdays are in our training routine. We don't have to exercise or run/walk. It works great considering grad class number 2 is on Wednesday night. So we had the afternoon off. I wish my brain had done the same. I can't tell you how much crap is going through my head at any given time. From people wanting me to join a committee to people asking why things aren't happening in certain areas of school. I am a one woman show and it is hard to be everything to everyone. Most disappointing is trying to be everything to myself. That is the hardest task to complete... hell the hardest task to begin. So it causes unrest.
The best analogy I have heard is related to the perfect storm or a ship out to sea in need of a safe harbor. My ship is strong. My ship has withstood many a rough seas.... however as the skipper or captain, I guarantee you that everyone needs a break. We all have this point in our lives where we start to examine the peace and traquility that we either DO possess in our lives, or the peace and traquility that seems to ellude us. I must say that my ship, while strong and able, has yet to reach its safe harbor. I gotta say this is exhausting. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish for the peace that comes from knowing that you have reached your destination. That all roads led to Rome and you MADE IT! You had the wherewithal and courage to make the journey and dock your boat. To end your madness and embrace the peace that is yours...the peace that only you can give to yourself. The peace that comes from knowing you have made the right decisions and now serenity is yours. Peace and serenity that comes from truly loving someone inconditionally.Where is this safe harbor you alluded to ??

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