Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey It's Ok Tuesday... on Wednesday

Hey everyone! So my fellow blogger Amber does a Tuesday piece called "Hey It's Ok." She got the idea from Glamour magazine and it lists things to be okay about. I occasionally join in, but I am always a day late and a dollar short. So here is my latest install of "Hey It's Ok"


It's Ok to feel like my weeks drag arse and my weekends fly by. It's ok to hate this feeling.

It's Ok that I am pissed that I talked to my friends more when I was in a time zone six hours ahead of them.

It's Ok that I want to start running again, but I have to start slow since I haven't done it in months, and my body is betraying me every which way from Sunday.

It's Ok that I miss my king size bed now that we are in a full. Huge difference!

It's Ok that I am not cut out for this pseudo home schooling life. The daily struggle of teaching my own unmotivated child is wearing me down.

It's Ok that I wish I had some of the snow they have up the eastern seaboard.

It's Ok that I wish someone would slap the shit outta the Biebs and give him a good head-ass alignment check.

It's Ok that I am watching the hell outta the Olympics, and feel like Team USA is getting screwed on the scoring.

It's Ok that I think Jenna Bush Hager has a great job doing- what again? Oh and she has no rhythm at all.

It's Ok that I feel like I haven't found what I am supposed to do with my life, and I'm hitting 40. That is ok right?

As always- it's Ok that I always tend to submit this on Wednesday and not Tuesday. *wink. smile*

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  1. Definitely okay to do this on a Wednesday--I'm a day late too! :)

  2. Ooo I could not go from king to full. We have a queen right now and are so tempted to get a king..

    Yup, you can post this whenever! Not picky on the day ;)

    I can't run but I'm going to start walking at least.

    1. The full size is literally killing my sleep patterns. I haven't slept the whole night through since we got back to the states. I roll over and I'm met with hubby right up against me. Ugh! LOL