Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When it rains... it pours.

So we are back in the states, and still in the thick of the PCS bullshit! It's been 3 weeks and we still don't have our unaccompanied baggage or a place to hang our hats, never mind asking about the rest of our household goods. Now mind you, we aren't homeless, technically, but we don't have our own place either. We have, in a way, regressed... we are living with my mom. 

Now I am grateful, because I am not sure what we would have done had she not already lived here in the area. However, it seems that having my mom here has created a crutch of sorts that allows us the "freedom" to find exactly what we want in a house. Ergo, the 3 weeks and still no place to live. 

As luck would have it, the housing market here is a buyer's market. So much so, that it is actually cheaper to purchase a brand new home than it is to rent one. *deep sigh* You can imagine where I am going with this.... Yes we are looking at purchasing. 

Most people would be ecstatic, right? But I'm not most people, and I didn't grow up in most families. (That's all I'm gonna say about that!) So the build will take until April. 

Yea. No sense of permanence or my own home until April.

All the visitors that want to come to see us- not until April. 

Five people, sometimes six, and one puppy in a 3 bedroom townhouse- two alpha women. Two women who are not use to "sharing" their space. You get the picture. 

As if we needed some additional spice to this gumbo, Hubby's computer went tits up about 2 weeks ago. We took it in and attempted to have it repaired and it was a bust. We were told is was the mother board and that we should just give it up and purchase a new one. We did. There went another $1500 down the drain. Never mind the cost of diagnostics to tell me my computer was a bust. Oh did I mention they removed our hard drive and made it into an external hard drive? Yea, that was great. Except the fucker doesn't work! Now I have to go back into the Best Buy to find out why they sent me home without first having tested it to see that it was viable. 

Wait, it gets better.

They had also attempted to sell me the Geek Squad tech support, which did nothing to repair my broken mother board, but it did cost me $248. To their credit, once I complained they refunded the tech support, charge me $70 for the diagnostics and sent me on my way- on my way to the Apple area to purchase my new MacBook Pro. I did purchase the Best Buy warranty protection crap, in the event of another fried mother bleep, I mean board. 

Let's move right along. 

Bear's schooling. There is a topic for ya.. and for another post. Let's just say that "peachy" is not a new Georgia word I would use to describe that situation. Suffice to say that I am doing something that resembles home-schooling, but with far more frustration and colorful language than is probably called for.

I know I shouldn't complain. There are people who have it far worse than I do, and I'm grateful for all I have....but.... 

PCSing sucks. 

Did I mention that I can't find a job? And unemployment isn't sure if they are going to pay? So that. 

I need to find a different profession. Wait, I am not qualified to do much else other than teach. Or at least that's what the 7 job rejections have told me thus far. Love it. 

I'm gonna end this pity party and send everyone home with this little nugget... since I have been back stateside I have spoken to my friends LESS than I did in the 2+ years I had a 6 hr time difference. 

And it's raining again... freezing rain. Actually I think it's pouring. 

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  1. Ack, I'm sorry. That all sounds frustrating. I so hate PCSing too. I hope things get better!

  2. Amber, we got good news today. One of the houses we have been looking at is available again- the contract that was on it fell through. Now to decide on that floor plan or the other one- the one that won't be done until April. Ugh! LOL