Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why do now what you can put off for tomorrow.....

I'm a procrastinator. A terrible procrastinator. I have LOADS of graduate work to complete for this internship I did last spring, yes you read correctly last spring, as in spring 2011. Now I have to get it all done by May 15 when I am scheduled to present said work, AND be evaluated on my portfolio, AND get my grade. Oh and I have been granted two extensions due to being in Europe and Hubby being deployed. So I really have no excuses.  As you can see by this post, progress is going fabulously. NOT! I have done several more papers, and I am supposed to be working on teacher observations right now, umm yea, not so much. 

FMGW. Feck my grad work. That's what I want to say. 

The internship was for my Masters in Ed. Admin. so that some day I could be an Assistant Principal or Principal. Well I haven't taught this year and the whole process seems even more pointless then it did when I was in the internship. So what's the point?

So here I sit, trying to fudge my way through papers, reflections and other educational bullshit and I just can't do it! I. Can't. Reach. My. Utility. Belt. Captain!

I'll get it done because Husb wants me to get it done, not to mention I have 200+ hours invested into it and $1500, but I also don't want to quit. I just need some fecking motivation! Oh and apparently the fact that I have to get it done in less than a week isn't motivation enough.

Did I mention I have to fly back to the states to present this? Yea.... flying out this Saturday. So really it has to be complete in about 4 days. Let's see how this goes......

Wish me luck! Actually forget the luck shit, just click below and VOTE for my blog. When all else fails at least I'll have votes, right?

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  1. I understand the procrastination! I took an INC on one course because I didn't like it and had another one that took a lot of time. I had 1 year to make it up....I got the stuff turned in 1 day before grades were due 2 semesters after I started the class. The only B I made in grad school but I just didn't want to do it! And this was when we were in Orlando and I wasn't even working!!!
    You will finish and do well, Melissa. You are one of the best teachers I know, and you will make a superior administrator!!! Good luck.