Friday, September 14, 2012

Little time, little post

So  it's been awhile. I know. Truth is I have so much I want to write about but so little time. I wanted to get back here and write about our awesome cruise! I wanted to pour out all the wonderful fun we had as a family and the quiet moments hubby and I had together.

But I never did. 

I wanted to write about my new job! I am teaching again. WHOOP WHOOP! I wanted to share how I love the kids, which I usually do. However my jury is still out on how the district runs things. There are things that need changing, but I am not there to rock ANY boats because I would like to teach again next year and I am temporary right now. So mums the word!

But I never wrote about it. 

I wanted to write about my Bear starting Middle School. About how he loves it! He said he loves the "independence" and let me not forget "they actually give us real portions in lunch." Yes he is an eater! 

But I never stopped by to write about it. 

I wanted to pour out my angst about the Princess starting her Senior Year of high school. I wanted to share how she is looking at the Army Reserves or ROTC in order to help pay for college. I wanted to write about looking through her old pictures and sitting there finding her First Day of Kindergarten picture and crying. I wanted to write about getting her Senior pictures done and how I already miss her. 

But I didn't.

I wanted to share that I am coaching again, JV Volleyball. I haven't coached since I was teaching in North Carolina about 8 years. It has been an amazing experience and most days I love it. Other days I wonder what in the hell was I thinking. Our kickoff weekend is this Saturday, and I wanted to share my anxiety over that. 

But I haven't really had time. 

I wanted to write about Bear getting back into soccer and loving it. I wanted to write about his desire to start Religious Ed classes and how I plan to sign him up... but haven't gotten to it yet. Is that bad? Never mind... I just haven't had time. 

*deep sigh*

There are so many things that I want to share with my blog. Not because my life is so much more important than anyone else's but because it matters to me. And this blog is FOR me, ABOUT me and it makes me feel better to get it out. 

So maybe I will try to come back here and start and finish a whole post about one of the burning topics I mentioned or one of the 10,000 other things I have going on right now. 

Hell, maybe a quick summary of what's going on will have to be my fix for now. 

I like when you READ, but I LOVE it when you comment!

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