Thursday, July 19, 2012

What inspires me?

So my last blog post was a month of Sundays ago (actually May 31st) and it was heavy and deep and some would say....depressing. Either way, I haven't posted since then. Not because I didn't have great things to say, not because I haven't done anything post-worthy, it's just that I haven't been inspired to write.

You see writing your blog is work sometimes. It requires a topic, a desire to write, some quiet time to write, some quiet time to reflect, the desire to write, someone willing to read your crap, a desire to write and most importantly a desire to write. (Notice the pattern?)

So I lacked desire. Shoot me. 

I had a headache. I was on my period. The kids were awake. Not feeling so fresh. Whatever my usual reasons for a lack of desire I applied them to my blog writing as well. 

But I am back! Isn't that the important part?

I feel a bit more inspired and I have a list of shit topics to write about. So brace yourselves.... I will be waxing poetical and in a stream of conscious babble I will spew my inner most thoughts. It will be similar to diarrhea of the brain, fingers and mouth. 

I. Am. Back.

I like it when you it when you comment!

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