Thursday, July 19, 2012

BS Mom

Classroom mom, reading volunteer, PTA or team mom were never titles associated with my job description as mom. Not because I lacked a desire to volunteer in my kid's extracurriculars, but because I was always working full-time.

If you work full-time you know there just seems to be so little time in the day to work, take care of cooking/cleaning, run the kids to 1,000 activities, AND volunteer. If you have ever been a full-time teacher, there seems to be less free time. You spend your "free" time away from school grading, planing and doing things for your students. I believe this is worse when you are a high school teacher because there are SOOOOOO many after school functions that your administration and students expect you to attend. So for the last 8 years I haven't had the opportunity to be a volunteer parent.

Well I am making up for it now!

I am an official Boy Scout mom volunteer! Yeah for me... I think.

My official title is Activities Coordinator for the Troop. My unofficial job description is "Jack of all Trades." See I coordinate all the activities for the Troop. From start to finish I make sure that every month the boys have something going on. From camping trips to canoeing trips to coordinating 26 boys and 4 adults to attend a summer camp 4 hrs away...that's me! I am sooo official I have a SIGNATURE block with my name, title and the Troop logo. So who cares that I made it myself... I am still official. Now I just need to convince the Hubby that I need a uniform...which technically I do according to BSA rules, but trying explaining that as a volunteer I need to spend $80+ on a uniform.  I am also working on taking courses to become an ASM. For your Boy Scout laymen, that stands for Assistant Scout Master. Yup... me, Assistant Scout Master. BAH!

Yea it's fun, but it's not always easy. It's A LOT of work. Again I repeat: It is A LOT OF WORK! But I enjoy the feeling I get when my son knows that I am working on Troop stuff, and he wants to help. I enjoy the fact that I can get involved and dedicate so much time to it, and not have to worry about so many other things. There is a sense of accomplishment. It is a positive feeling.

Until I have to deal with other scouts parents. (playing Debbie Downer Theme Music: waaah, waaah, waaah)

Right. Not everything is happy happy, joy joy. Even in scouting.

My motto is simple: "If you don't like what and how I am doing it, take it out of my pay."

Yup. That's how I roll.

All joking aside, I am delighted to be a BS Mom...that is Boy Scout, in case you haven't really followed the post and have not understood the play on words. Yea, I'm fully aware of my bs nature, but right now I am a Boy Scout (BS) mom and that makes me PROUD!

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