Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey It's Okay Tuesday!

I try to link up with the Whispering Writer for a feature she does on Hey It's Okay Tuesdays. I love the freeness of the topic, but usually have a hard time getting in on Tuesdays. As a result I have missed the last few Tuesdays.... so I'm trying to catch up. Here is a list of Okays that have been accumulating for the last two weeks.
Thanks for the Tuesday inspiration Amber!

Hey It's Okay...

To be so thrilled to have hubby home! What more can do I need to say about that?

To be a bit frustrated that my schedule hasn't gotten back to normal since hubby got home from deployment. I am trying out this new flexibility thing. I'll let you know how it goes!

To be freaking ecstatic that I ran 3.5 miles today and I didn't die, pass out or puke! I might be able to run in a triathlon after all.

To be working out like a fiend and my motivation to be a vain one. When we go back to the states in 3 weeks for my stepson's graduation I want to look good and svelte, damn good actually. His mother has called me a fat cow and told my husband that I wasn't "sportable." WTF does that mean? I'll show her "sportable." Hmph!

To be tickled that I finally was able to sign up for Top Mommy Blogs and to be accepted. I don't know what that matters but it does.

That hubby, the kids and I are going away for the weekend for a mostly paid trip to the Austrian/German Alps. The only catch, and not a bad one, is that we have to attend a marriage retreat. I am actually excited about that! Thank you Army Chaplains and Strong Bonds!

To be diving in head first into being a Boy Scout parent. It's the first time I have been able to be an active parent in something my kids do and I am going full bore! Committee member and all.

To be angry that I have already been told by the local high school that they won't be hiring Social Studies teachers for next year. That means possibly another year without teaching. Uggh.

To be frustrated with the scope and magnitude of my son's STEM project. What happened to good old fashioned Science Fair experiments? Now they have these elaborate projects and he even has to take pictures and collect data that he can graph. Really? I wouldn't have issue with it, if it was something they had been preparing them to do all year.

To be pissed that I just had to wipe 359 songs from my daughter's iPod because her dumb butt decided to put shareware on there and corrupt her files. Nice job Einstein!

To still considered our old home, that we sold, mine. I posted a Facebook request to my old friends in MD to check on the status of all my flowers and spring plants. They are doing fine. It warms my heart! :)

To be pissy by all this rainy cold weather. Where the hell is springtime in Germany dammit?

That I STILL haven't started on my grad work that is now due May 15th. I have to kick my arse into gear or I will fail. I think I am waiting for more pressure to get it done.

To be sad that we sold my Honda, and at the same time OVER THE MOON that I got a new car! Thank you!

Hey It's Okay... To be Okay... With being Okay. :)

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  1. You go girl and you show her how great you really are! I have had an ex make a comment about me and I always just want to say and really you are so hot? But I guess that is still the kid in me....

    1. I know how you feel...except the kid in me is more the playground scrapper. I just wanna hurl a good left hook at her! hehehe.... but I never have thankfully! ;)

  2. Good luck on Spring in Germany.... I am in England and it has been raining for DAYS! I am so ready for just one day with no rain or wind... JUST ONE!
    Yay for your hubby being back but it always is an adjustment.

  3. Yay for Top Mommy Blogs! That is awesome.

    I'm always glad when my husband is home. :)