Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scouting Ain't Cheap

It seems like I am blogging more and more about Bear lately. It's not that Princess isn't giving me material to write about, it's just that Bear's is soooo much more light hearted. If I blog about Princess, it will seem more rant-like, considering her latest two 'episodes'.  Maybe I will blog about those......Moving along

After yesterday's fiasco with Scouts, he decided to stick with it while I decided that he had little chouce but to stick through it. Even if it killed me, because I doubt it will kill him.

At any rate, I already signed him up and paid for his Spring Camporee at the end of this month. So I head out today to start the quest of finding ALL the different items and accoutrements that he needs for his 1st ever Boy Scout trip. Heck last night I sat through an almost 2 hour class on what to buy and what NOT to buy for Scouts. You bet I was fully equipped with 4 pages of notes and the know how in order to shop today. I was a Momma on a mission!

Well let me remind you that I am in Germany. No Wal-Mart. No Target. No Cabela's. No Bass Pro Shop. No REI. It's the military base exchange (BX), the German sporting goods store or ordering it online and praying that shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The best part is that delivery isn't consistent either. Hubby and Princess waited 8 weeks for their contacts. Gotta love it.

What did I find today in my search for scout stuff? I managed to get my hands on his cut away pants. The ones that unzip at the knee and go from long pants to short pants. I got him the hiking socks that are part wool and part wicking material. Yes, my 11 year old now owns wicking socks. I also got him a wicking t-shirt for under his scout shirt. I got him a mummy sleeping bag rated to a 15 degrees Fahrenheit which was not cheap. But the best part is that it doesn't require being rolled up and it comes in a compression bag! Sweet! And last but not least, I picked up his hiking boots. Did I mention that the BX doesn't carry off name brands? Yea, Bear is now the proud owner of Columbia Hiking boots. I don't own Columbia hiking boots. What's wrong with this picture?

All told... I spent a small fortune, and I am not even done. Tomorrow I have to get his badges sewn on, and check on a few Ebay bids I have for some other Scout stuff.

I have to say this could get real expensive, real fast. The more money and time I invest, he ain't NEVER getting outta Scouts. Ever.

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