Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Growing Pains

I brought home some items I purchased today that required Bear to try on pants and shoes. After making him drop trou in the middle of the living room and try on the new Scout pants, we have a strange conversation that went a little something like this:

Bear: "I think I need more boxers because if someone sees your whitey tighteys they tease you. It's just something else they can tease me about."

(Someone? Who is looking at your underwear?)

Me: "Ok bear. I will get you more boxers and no more whitey tighteys. That's not a big deal."

Bear: "Oh and can I shave my arms?"

Me: "What?!?"

Bear: "Well I have heard people talking about how hairy I am."

(Really?? Kids notice that and talk about it??)

Me: "Who is talking about it? Why do they care? I don't suggest it. It makes your arm hair grown back like this." At this point I make him rub the stubble on my legs. He laughs and is like "eeeeewww." Thanks Bear, just shaved the day before!

Bear: "Well that doesn't happen with my mustache when I shave."

Me: "When do you shave your mustache? Why?"

Bear: "Mom, I don't want to grow up faster than I have to, and I don't want to be the only 11 year old with a mustache."

Where is Dad? How do I teach him to shave? Should he even be shaving at this age? And he is using my leg razor....sheeessshhh. Just a little under 3 weeks before Dad returns and he can take over these conversations. These are growing pains that I am not fully equipped to deal with. Give me boobs, PMS and girl drama, that is my area of expertise. Not mustaches, and boxers. Although I do get mine waxed and I wear boy shorts to bed. Maybe I'm not that ill equipped.... on second thought, naaahh!

Dad get your ass home, I need you!

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