Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy Kinda Love

My poor husband always seems to be on the receiving end of my moods. I don't mean to be a hormonal crazy bitch, but sometimes I am. Couple that with a wee bit too much time on my hands, graduate work that I can't seem to get done, and well I can have my moments.

The situation is actually made worse by the fact that he is deployed and HE has way too much time on his hands.

Now this blogging thing is new to us. While I started my blog awhile ago, I have only just started blogging more regularly. Did I mention I had time on my hands? Any who, sometimes I blog about my our children. Sometimes I blog about random things, and sometimes Hubby gets tossed into the shuffle of my blogging. How could he not? If the blog is about my life and what is important to me, then he is a HUGE part of that.

The problem is that sometimes he misinterprets a comment here, or a question there as dig against our marriage or relationship. That is the farthest from the truth.

The blog and posts are just what I am thinking. Like diarrhea of the mouth and brain. It's like having a window inside my head. He always says if he knew what women thought he would be a rich man. (He also says "Take away reasoning, accountability and logic and you have a woman." I don't much care for that little comment.)

Either way I wanted to take a moment to reassure my hubby, here publicly and for the world to read, that I adore him.

Hey Hubby- I love you. I love us. I'm not here because you were the one person I could live with, it was because you were the one person I couldn't live without.

And to prove that, I am going to list some great things about him and our relationship. So the next time I have a random thought that makes you (hubby) feel weird or insecure, stop and re-read this post. Then put your big boy boots on and get the sand outta your mangina because I fucking love you. :)

Here's to Hubby:

  • Sparks flew the first night we met, and they have been there ever since. 
  • You allowed me to "test" you to make sure you were suitable for me & my daughter before I introduced you into her life. 
  • You have treated her like your own from the moment you met her, and she loves you and you are her Dad. 
  • You are the worst sore loser ever, and together we are a competitive hot mess. Remember Phase 10? One word: ugly.
  • You pushed through my insecurities and abandonment issues, and allowed me to open up and trust you at my pace. That wasn't easy, and I know that. 
  • You are a good Dad. 
  • You make me laugh and you get my humor. 
  • You can have an intelligent conversation with anyone, about almost any topic. 
  • You are ambitious and have a life plan. Thankfully that includes me. 
  • You would rather sit and watch movies with us, than be out with friends. 
  • You are loyal to a fault. 
  • You have honor, and a sense of duty and that is hard to come by these days. 
  • You don't remember anyone's name and I have to be your "PR rep."
  • You try to be strong, but really you are a big softy. 
  • You are a patient and considerate lover. 
  • You pushed through those awful months when the D word was trumped. 
  • You know which ovary is cycling and which is my Angry Ovary and which is Cry-Baby Ovary. 
  • You can drink beer like a fish, but I can't. I can drink liquor like it's water, but you can't. 
  • You give good Party! Pajamas and snow. Beer & Brats. Fourth of July. Just to name a few. 
  • You love my family, and that can't be easy. 
  • You love your family, and that is never easy.
  • You make me proud by being the best soldier you can be, every single day of the last 21 years of service. That takes commitment. 
  • You hate Sundays, and its the only time I get to be strong for you. 
  • You have moved us many times, and every move is a new adventure. 
  • You are a generous man. 
  • You laugh with me, and at me. I laugh with you and at you. 
  • You are the best damned griller I know, and anyone that has been to our house for summer picnics would agree. 
  • You love me with all your heart and I feel that with all my heart. 
  • You want to grow old with me even though you know my mom. 
  • You're still the one. 

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