Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movers Mania

So for those that don't know, or perhaps in Geico fashion are living under a rock, we are moving to Germany in less than a month. The U.S. Army has done a phenomenal job of coming through and attempting to stagger out our shipment of our household goods. So shipment 1 went out and that was just the 1,000 lbs of 'things' that we would REALLY need when we first got there. Shipment 2 was two days later, and these items...well let's say they are in a better place, one that we will not see until we are done being overseas: long-term storage. Now we have the awesome task of sorting through the clothes we keep for the suitcases and then those that go with our other household goods, which we won't see until at best August 29th. Hopefully of 2011. So guess what I miss the most? My silly appliances! Yup! We put them in long term storage because good ol' Europe works on 220 volts and my Osterizer is a mere 110 volts. So that means all new appliances or slightly used...either way I have to get all new appliances. From a hair dryer to an iron all plug in devices will be 220 volts. Anyone want to fund the new life fund? How about the Prozac salt-lick fund? Because I think I am going to need it before this move is all done.

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