Monday, January 13, 2014

The Nurse vs. a Georgia form

The PCS season is upon us, and we are on the move again. We have been getting ready for this move for quite some time and it seems that the worst is over. We have shipped our unaccompanied baggage, household goods, alcohol (always important!), cars and now we are down to the last little bit. 

Of course moving in the middle of January has it's benefits and drawbacks. The biggest drawback is moving the kids in the middle of a school year. We've done this before and I know that in addition to school records, school district usually want some of their own state-specific paperwork. Experience tells me so. Part of this last little bit of clearing is Bear's school records. Being a teacher, and working in a military school, I know how tedious it can be to complete student grades prior to a marking period closing, especially with short notice. For this reason alone, I made sure to request my son's records WELL in advance of his last day of school. And by well in advance, I mean more than 30 days before his last day. 

So today when I go to his school to request a favor, I didn't expect the attitude I received.

Here starts today's incident which leads me to this rant. Rant starts now…….

I'm a planner. I'm a researcher. I like to know what I'm getting myself into and what I can expect. It's not a bad thing, and quite frankly it has been invaluable at time when I have insight brought about from my research. I like the analytical side of my brain, it works for me and for my family. 

Part of my PCS prep has been to research everything GA was going to want in order for Bear to start school as soon as possible. Granted I will be hand-carrying his school records, copies of his report card, immunizations and all that crap. But I also know that some states want their own paperwork, their own forms completed. So I researched this and got my hands on the forms GA wanted. I got the specific immunizations forms filled out, which was an issue as the clinic didn't want to fill them out. I also got my hands on GA form 3300, which is required for attendance in their schools. 

This particular form has a few pieces of health screening information that most schools do anyways: hearing, vision, nutrition (height/weight). So I figured it would be easier to have his CURRENT school complete this rather than his gaining school. I thought I would be better to have it done here where they HAVE that info, rather than try to get in to see a doc for a physical at our new post. 

I walk in to the middle school today and ask the lady at the counter if I could see the school nurse so that she can fill out this form for us so that he can start school as soon as we get there. She is baffled by the form, and calls the nurse. She doesn't leave her desk, and yells to me through the "drive-through" window at the front desk :"Who's your student?!" Then she proceeds to tell the nurse on the phone, a call I CAN HEAR, that she "has never seen this form before."  She then walks the form up to me at the window,and tells me to sign in and go to the nurse.  She looks at me and says "I have never seen this form before. And they want this for him to attend?" 

I was nice. I promise I was nice. Only because I need them. Otherwise I would have said something snarky like: "No I'm thinking it's a big fucking joke, but I'm gonna go along with it! Yes of course they want it! It says it on the form! You rahtard!"

But I didn't I simply smiled and said: "Yea. It's something they need." And I walked to the nurses office. 

You would think this would be the end of the madness, but no. I get to the nurses office, who was expecting us (hubby was with me). And I show her the form, which she takes from me. She looks at it and says: "They want this completed? I have never seen this form before." Here we go again! 

So after round 2 of the Mystery of the GA form 3300, she proceeds to tell me that she can only fill out the vision and hearing, and height and weight. The rest I will have to figure out on my own. She also tells me that she can't do it right this minute. Ummm, listen bitch nurse, I didn't ask for it NOW.  I told her several times that as long as I have it by Wednesday, we're good. She then gives me attitude about having to complete the form even though she already turned in his records to the registrar pending our move. 

Oh I'm sorry you have to do your job! Oh! I'm sorry I went online to see what GA wanted in order for my child to start school. Sorry your rude, lazy ass doesn't want to complete this form, but YOU WIlL! I didn't ask you if you had SEEN the form before, I simply asked you to complete it! Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it isn't a legitimate form that is needed for school attendance in GA. Trust me I know! I already had to complete forms for GA for my daughter to attend COLLEGE for crying out loud. 

I just don't understand why people don't want to help others. Why people are insistent on being rude. I didn't pick your job, YOU DID! Do it with kindness and pride, especially if you are a school nurse. Sheesh.

That middle school could really use an overhaul of its administrative staff. They are rude as shit and really have the worst customer service skills I have ever seen in a school. 

Just sayin'.

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