Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Ok Tuesday... on Wednesday.

Hello everyone! Hooking up with Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time to join in her Tuesday feature: Hey It's Ok.

It's been a week full of angst and anger and anxiety and just plain old piss and vinegar. Yea I know, it's only Wednesday. Next week will be better. Next week I am on Norwegian Cruise Lines sailing the Med. *deep sigh*

Here goes:
It's OK-

*  To be angry that your son through dirty laundry in a basket of clean clothes. DOH!

* To want to kill someone only 10 mins after you wake up in the morning. That's normal right??

* To be excited to be leaving on a cruise in less than 7 days! 

* To be worried about the back and neck pain I have been experiencing.

* To cry when you hit your head on the car door frame SO HARD that it rattles your teeth and you instantly get dizzy. Fooking A!

* To be a raging bitch because on Wednesday your house doesn't look like you spent 4 hours cleaning it on Monday- of the SAME WEEK!!! (And I have ADULTS living in my home, not small children!)

* To really want a puppy! 

* To be pissed hubby won't let me get a puppy. 

* To be concerned about the public schools in our next duty station, which are NOT good. 

* To be shocked at the cost of private schools in the south. Holy Socks!

* To be excited about the Walking Dead theme Halloween block party tomorrow night!!!!

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