Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Times Germany

Yesterday's weather was spectacular! It was warm, with clear skies, cool breezes and a BRIGHT sunny day. You couldn't have dialed in better weather if you had contacted Mother Nature herself. What does one do on awesome days like that? We went bike riding!

Yup, we loaded up and hit the trails with another couple. 

After the crisis of two low tires was averted we met with friends and rode our asses off. We went through the woods, over the rocks, around the bends and under the Autobahn. We finally stopped to rest our weary sore legs asses. We decided to have lunch at Salvatore's in Landstuhl, an authentic Italian restaurant. The restaurant is perfectly situated off the main road, in the woods and they have great food and service. Salad, pasta, bread and two weiƟwein schorle later we found ourselves being introduced to a game of bocce. We paired up, Girls vs. Boys and commenced to beating them down!

It's not a difficult game, and with competitors like ourselves it quickly became a battle of the wits and not of the balls. We had a great time! We had more wine. We also forget we had bikes. Oops! And you gotta be careful because you can get a DWI while on a bike. But I think it becomes BWI..or maybe that's an airport. I dunno. Either way my friend Jilly-Bean was feeling a little like this guy. :)

Yes, we had to ride those suckers home after food and libations. Did I mention we were still like 10-12 miles from the cars? Uh huh, let the suck begin.

Yup. We made it. Tired, sore and generally just worn out, but we made it. 

And it was a great day that turned into a great night of pubbing, dancing and more drinking. 

Today I am hung over, tired and MORE sore. Hubby says I danced for about 3 hours last night. I don't recall but then again Jameson was my go to guy last night, so anything is possible. Oh we took cabs this time! ;)

Yesterday is a perfect example of what our European life has become: bike riding the German trails, eating great Italian food, pubs, and good friends. 

I gotta say it's a good life, a damned good life. 

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  1. I so love Bocce ball! I haven't played in forever but it's awesome.