Monday, April 2, 2012

Damn it was COLD!

This past week was PERFECT spring weather! Temps were in the mid 60s, sun was shining bright and it was warm as shit. I was excited because this was Bear's first weekend campout with his Boy Scout Troop since crossing over from Webelos.

I had spent the last two weeks buying all his equipment that he would need as a new Boy Scout and making sure he was squared away for this weekend trip, especially since I wasn't going and Dad wasn't around to help with the packing list.

Then something happened on Friday. The ass dropped out of the temperature and weather and things went south. By the time I was scheduled to drop bear off at the camp site at 4:30 it was a whole 10 degrees colder than that morning.

All I can say is that Saturday was cold as crap and there was a light drizzle. Promising for retaining some heat and not being a dreadfully cold night. Uhhh nope. Skies cleared around 5 or 6pm, and it was clear skies all night. Yea, you guessed it it dropped below freezing.

I picked up Bear Sunday morning from the camp site, and he was a frozen popsicle. Mostly because he wasn't dressed correctly, but he made it through the weekend. I'm proud of him!

His "after action report" was that the sleeping bag worked well and he was warm until Sunday morning. I appreciated that because my guilt was getting the best of me. I am happy to say he had fun, he was no worse for the wear and he learned some good Boy Scout lessons. So over it was a successful campout, but DAMN it was cold!

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