Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

So the Whispering Writer has her "Hey, It's Ok" weekly posts and I am joining in this week!

Hey It's Okay...

To be frustrated that flags were flown at half mast for Whitney Houston. She was a great singer who wrecked her career by using drugs, why are we glorifying that?

To have watched the first 3 seasons of True Blood in a week and feel slightly addicted to the show. Can't wait for my next fix of V.

To get pissed at those people who have that obnoxiously loud conversation in a store or patient waiting room. You know the kind of conversation that everyone feels they are a part of because they are talking octaves above normal? I just want to scream and tell them that no one cares so STFU!

That my son had a Nerf gun war weeks ago, and I am still recovering Nerf darts from behind and underneath the furniture. I think those darts reproduce on their own.

That after I can't find matches to socks I just dump them in a sock basket. I think there is a dryer conspiracy with the sock company. The dryer loses them so that you have to buy new batches of socks. Isn't that what the lint trap is- missing socks?

To force feed my child some traveling fun, he can't always be glued to the Xbox. It is forced family adventures, and he will like it dammit.

To be completely in love with my Apple products. I am not sure what I did before I became Apple whore, which has only been in the last 7 months. I love my iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac. What will I do if they take away my i's?

To have a ghost IP address so that I can watch Hulu. How else will I get American TV in Germany?

To miss my hubby so much that it aches, which in turn makes me bitchy. I hate being bitchy!

To really have taken a liking to this Pinterest thing! My daughter thinks I am social media whore. She could be right.

*I like it when you read... I love it when you comment!*

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  1. I can be an Apple whore too. I just have the iPod Touch but I love it. Soon I'll be getting an iPhone.