Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poopers Beware

So there we are walking down a side street in Garmisch, Germany and this sign is posted by a tree. I don't know what is more amusing the sign itself, or the fact that you have such a huge problem with pooping dogs that you actually have to post a sign to curb it. Now Germans, and probably Europeans in general, take their dogs everywhere. Pets go to stores, restaurants and more often you see pets out more than children. One evening we had a patron in the pub bring their dog. Oh by the way, they do order a bowl of water when they order their pint of beer. No not the dog, the owner!

So I guess a No Pooping Allowed sign is a good thing to have to remind our four legged friend's masters when they are allowed to poo. Oh and don't forget to scoop your poop.


  1. Here in Italy many people don't bother to clean up. We have a little chihuahua and we always take the plastic bags with us when we take him out. I am following you from Rome, Italy. I am Sicilian and my husband is Japanese ...and my daughter is half of each:)

  2. Welcome Francesca! So glad to have someone following my blog! :)